When is the Okavango Delta in Full Flood?

The flood waters from Angola start to return in May and remain fairly full to July/August.

How Much Luggage am I Allowed to Take?

International airlines mostly work on an allowance of 23kg (about 50 lbs) for checked bags and 1 carry-on. However, if you are traveling by light aircraft between locations in Botswana you will be allowed a total of 15kg (about 33 lbs) including your carry-on. This allowance is at the Captain’s discretion and will depend on whether the flight is full but we advise you to err on the side of caution and to assume that this is your weight limit. Most lodges offer a laundry service which is often free of charge so we suggest you take advantage of this to reduce your luggage.

What Clothing Should I Take on Safari?

Cotton layers such as t-shirts, a light fleece, shorts and a pair of long trousers are the key items. The temperature can vary quite a bit from the early morning game drive to the heat of the day. Sunscreen, a hat and a swimsuit are the other necessities. It is best to avoid bright colors for a safari. Footwear should include a pair of sandals or flip flops and some walking shoes (trainers would be fine). We also recommend the following items; insect repellent, headache/pain killer tablets, Imodium and as a precaution some rehydration sachets. It is easy to get dehydrated without noticing even though drinking water will be readily available.

Can I Charge my Camera & Phone on Safari?

Almost all safari lodges in Botswana have either a generator or solar power. This will provide electricity to the camp, but you may not have plug points in your room. There will be somewhere that you can charge your camera or phone but this maybe in the Managers office.

Can I Use my Credit Card?

Yes, all lodges will accept credit cards for purchases such as souvenirs. It is also wise to carry some cash for staff gratuities, US dollars are gratefully received.